the power of laughter

the power of laughter

Interesting to hear this, isn’t it! Sounds funny to think that laughing can have an effect on us!


Well let me tell you... Laughing will not only help you burn some calories by activating your muscles, it actually relaxes our body. It relieves pain, reduces blood pressure and decreases stress. Smile … or even better, laugh out loud! It's the best medicine we can find. Just give it a go! Start your day with a big laugh, you will notice the difference.


How does this work?  Laughter helps the brain regulate the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline and promotes the release of endorphin while enhancing immune reactivity.


Cortisol as we have seen previously is our stress hormone, it releases energy into our body in quick response to feelings of risk or stress. Epinephrine, also known as adrenaline, is a fast release hormone that increases blood flow from heart to muscles and regulates blood sugar in acute situations. Although both of these hormones are necessary in response to certain circumstances, as we are exposed to various stressful conditions they begin to negatively impact the body when they are released for prolonged periods of time. Laughter will reduce the production of cortisol and epinephrine. This works better if we laugh for extended periods


Endorphin's and anti-bodies are our natural painkillers that are released into the blood stream. Laughing leads to the production and release of endorphin's. They create a positive state of mind and boost confidence, self-esteem and feelings.  As we laugh we are releasing happy chemicals into our body that will boost our immune system.


Putting these three together we can regulate and activate ourselves to a stress-free healthy body.


Laugh longer live longer!


Let’s not become so serious and stressed that there’s no longer any time to have a laugh.  When you feel upset, stressed, with no energy or just a bit down we tend to isolate ourselves from social activities when we should be doing the contrary. Get together with family & friends or if you are not really feeling like it at the moment just stand in front of the mirror and laugh, after that I am sure you will be ready to go out and see people. It is just amazing what a bit of happiness can do for you.


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