This time is all about staying at home. This time is about giving.


#timetogive is a campaign focused in promoting generosity during these difficult times.


Here at Ere Perez, we are focusing on what we can share, give, collaborate & offer right now, in this unprecedented moment in history.


We have an amazing team of staff who we are supporting to work from home. Together, we have taken on the challenge of operating a remote business, and we are succeeding! We are in constant contact with our suppliers and our retailers, to see how we can work together to make things easier right now.


OFFER: You’ll see us offering discounts, giveaways and surprises to help lessen the financial squeeze that some are feeling right now. We know that face care essentials & beauty items keep our skin healthy and make us feel better during tough times, so we are doing our best to get them to you, for less.


SHARE: We will be sharing online content to help you stay home! From tips to videos – connect with us online to keep getting top tips for beauty, lifestyle, recipes inspiration and ways to beat the at-home blues. Be sure to tag @ereperezcosmetics / #epandme / #timetogive


THANKS: To the couriers, shopkeepers, post deliverers and frontline workers – we say thank you. Please reach out if you are in one of these affected industries, and let us know if we can make your day a little brighter.


HELP: In your local neighbourhoods and online communities – can you give something? Can you post helpful content, help an elderly neighbor or reach out over the phone to vulnerable people you know?


GIVE: Often our time is the greatest gift. Phoning a friend who lives alone or checking in on a relative can change their day. What can you give today, in a small way?


HOPE: Let’s embrace the uncertainty and each other. This time will pass and our wish is that we come out of this phase kinder, more creative, and more united than ever.