top 5 winter warmer breakfasts

top 5 winter warmer breakfasts

We all love chocolate! But we love it even more when it is quality, organic and real chocolate. Discover here 5 top winter warmer breakfast recipes by Jo Lippold of Loving Earth. Loving Earth is a Melbourne based company dedicated to sourcing the highest quality organic fair trade foods.


“Dark cold mornings call for warm bowls of something filling and delicious.


Because an extra ten minutes under the doona is always more appealing than working out what that delicious something is, we’ve delved into the archives and found our favourite chilly morning breakfast favourites. Guaranteed to keep you toasty that little bit longer…


Warm Chia Puffing with Coconut Fried Banana

“During the cooler months I love nothing more than a hearty warm breakfast. My go to breakfast would have to be this warm chia pudding with coconut fried banana.”




Banoffee Buckwheat Porridge

“An indulgent breakfast for one! Who doesn't love a warm bowl of porridge to start your winter’s day? How about one that’s a little bit cheeky as well?”




Amaranth Porridge with Lavender Berry Compote

“Amaranth is a nutritious seed, full of protein, dietary fibre, essential amino acids, calcium and minerals such as iron, magnesium and manganese. It is a fantastic gluten free breakfast alternative to oat or quinoa porridge with a sweet, nutty and slightly malty taste.”




Chai Spiced Breakfast Rice

“This breakfast is the perfect solution to left over rice you have cooked the night before, as some time spent in the fridge helps produce a rich a creamy porridge!”




Raw Buckwheat Porridge with Rosewater Rhubarb

"I’ve been noticing lots of Middle Eastern recipes have been really popular lately and in particular rosewater has been popping up so I wanted to create a recipe using this lovely aromatic flavour.”




Article by Jo Lippold: After studying drama and performance art, Jo found herself back in her home town of London where she embarked on a seven-year stint agency side in Advertising and PR. She moved to Melbourne in 2012 and is the communications manager at Loving Earth. She also facilitates workshops for The School of Life, A-Space mediation studio, and teaches yoga and meditation.


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