treat your eyes

treat your eyes

We all want shiny bright eyes, whites that are super white and not a touch of redness. Tiredness, too much time staring at screens and pollution or wind can make our eyes red and scratchy. As women, another big factor is what we put on our eyes. It can all look okay in the mirror – but who knows the feeling of checking your reflection later in a mirror and seeing those puffy, sore eyes staring back? Luckily – in 2019, there’s a solution!


People talk a lot about detoxing from toxins and chemicals, and makeup is so important. Especially the eyes. If you feel your eyes reacting to eyeshadow and stinging when you wear your favourite mascara, it’s a sign that you need to switch to natural makeup. Our eyes tell a lot about our body, so let’s listen to what the information we are giving us…


In the old days we had to choose performance or natural. These days – you can have both.  Innovations and new technology have helped us to make the most exciting natural mascaras.


We even have a natural waterproof mascara. They are natural, sensitive-eye friendly, AND they are high performance! Our mascaras have been used by beauty editors, in fashion shoots, on runways, wedding ceremonies and on the faces of women around the women. We are passionate about your eye health and your right to look and feel beautiful. We can have it all!


If you ever suffer from itchy eyes or redness from mascara, or have seen that in your friend’s eyes over coffee, try our natural mascaras… your eyes will thank us.


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