unleash glowing skin with these 5 easy foods switches

unleash glowing skin with these 5 easy foods switches

You my friend, deserve glowing skin.


Fullstop. The most savvy decision you can make towards achieving it, is to fuel your skin both from the inside and the outside. Skin is unique because unlike your heart or your brain, it is directly and quickly effected by what you put onto and into your body.


This is the mistake most people make.

Great skin not only comes from using great skincare it also comes from eating great foods. Foods that are full of vitamins, healthy fats and minerals. Foods that are low in refined carbohydrates, sugars and inflammatory ingredients.


Want to know more?

Come take a speedy 5 point nutrition whizz with me.


1. Dairy for Nut Milk

Dairy is a great source of calcium, however the very same benefit comes partnered with a skin assault course. Dairy contains high amounts of lactose, protein and hormones, an ingredient mix designed to grow babies into strong healthy adults. Until recently dairy was only eaten by babies, toddlers and young infants. Fast-forward 50 years and organised farming has brought a constant supply of blood-sugar spike causing lactose (more about this very soon), inflammation causing proteins such as beta-casein and spot and acne causing hormones. All are bad for your skin and all can be avoided by switching dairy for nut milk.


2. Sweets for Dark Chocolate

Sweets and sugar coated snacks provide your body with almost instant blood-sugar energy. A change which kicks off a domino train of hormonal shifts. At first insulin is released and wherever insulin comes, so also comes insulin-like-growth-factor, or IGF-1 for short. IGF-1 is quickly being identified as a culprit of sebum release aka combination or oily skin types… and oily skin types are prone to acne and spots. Help avoid both by switching sugar high sweets for antioxidant rich dark chocolate.


3. Meat for Fish

Red meats, in particular when cooked at high heats could be pro-ageing your skin. Cooking meats causes the formation of ingredients called advanced glycation end products (AGEs). Although the name sounds wacky, this is what you need to know; AGEs cause inflammation and may also degrade and toughen collagen networks – a skin protein essential for youthful bounce and glow. Protect your youth by switching fried red meats for omega 3 rich fish.


4. White Breads and Pasta for Wholegrain

Every day we eat lots of foods that didn’t exist even 100 years ago, refined white foods like pitta, pastas and breads. These foods interact with your body in ways it’s not evolved for. Refined white foods are made from all of the carbohydrate and none of the fibre. Whereas fibre helps slow down digestion, white foods quickly turn into blood sugar spikes… and you guessed it the domino insulin train. Help keep your skin healthy by switching white breads and pasts for their wholegrain alternatives.


5. Fruit for Vegetables

Natural sugars have the exact same effect on your blood sugar levels as sweet, sugary indulgences. A banana has 14 whole grams. A mango has 28 grams. Both give your body more sugar than the same amount of fizzy Coca-Cola. Help your skin glow by switching sugar full fruits for vitamin rich vegetables.


Will you make a glowing skin switch today?

Which will be your first? Did any of these food switches make you think twice? Come chat in the comments below…


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