urban detox

urban detox

Two of the biggest stressors for our skin are the sun, and pollution. We can wear hats and apply SPF for sun protection – protecting against pollution is more complicated.


The urban areas we live & work in are usually polluted. Smog from cars, congestion, lack of green spaces all contribute to an environment that is not always skin-friendly. Invisible particles in the air can clog pores, affect skin health and contribute to lines developing. You know when you haven’t binged on junk food or alcohol, you’ve exercised nearly every day and still – you wake up on a Sunday morning with redness or a breakout? Sometimes, pollution is the villain…


We can’t do much about the pollution that gets on our skin as we wait for the bus, catch the subway or take a stroll to the neighbourhood park, we can do a lot about getting it off. This is our best defence… remove remove remove!


How it’s done

◦ ginkgo micellar water
◦ cranberry lip & eye butter

    Get home away from the pollution of the city!


    Pour a small amount of ginkgo micellar water to a cotton beauty pad. Gently wipe skin, collecting pollutants and dirt off the face. Repeat if needed.


    Mist the face with ultra-hydrating herbal face tonic.


    Apply cranberry lip & eye butter to the outline of lips and corners of the eyes.


    Daily cleansing, once, twice, even three times a day requires a quick fix. Something easy, a way to wipe the face clean when you get back home. Micellar water is a craze that we couldn’t get enough of. We loved it so much we made our own! Our natural ginkgo micellar water is your best friend for cleansing skin after a day or night out. You don’t even need a tap – just some cotton pads to apply the liquid. And there’s something quite satisfying seeing all the city gunk that comes off! Maybe it’s just me, but it always makes me feel extra clean and fresh knowing that pollution is off my skin and in the bin. Our micellar water is for everyone. This adorable couple, Cassandra & Chris, share a bottle and use it daily. No more ‘him & hers’, this bottle is ‘ours’.


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