vegan pout

vegan pout

Life is full-on in 2019. We see it every day in the news, there’s poverty, wars, inequality, climate change, deforestation, plastic in our oceans. If I see one more picture of a turtle swimming in plastic bags… we are all suffering from compassion overload! There are so many things wrong with society that we wish we could change, that sometimes it feels easier to just switch off and forget.


While things can feel overwhelming, there is also so much hope. We can’t fight every battle single-handedly, but as humans and consumers – we have more power than we know. All around us, our world is changing for the better. Every day people have made new systems, creations, businesses and laws that mean we are treating each other, our planet and animals BETTER. There are so many ways to put our money to good causes, ethical brands, and solutions that HELP.


Whenever I feel down about the state of the planet, I like to remind myself about how far we have come. Nut milk alternatives – hello! Vegan chocolate – double hello! Another thing that makes me smile is the end of animal testing for cosmetics in countries like Australia. This is such a win for furry friends and for kindness. It really, really is amazing.


As a woman, if I think back to the ripple effect of all the cosmetics my mother used throughout her life, the harm on animals was enormous. For me, it is way less because of the cruelty-free movement. Brands like ‘The Body Shop’ started a wave that has become unstoppable. And as an animal lover – I am so grateful! It makes me realise what amazing things we can do as people when we put our minds together, when we demand change, when we are willing to take risks for the greater good.


I applaud all the people who support vegan cosmetics, everyone who purchases shampoo or a lipstick mainly because it is not tested on animals. And my biggest shout-out goes to Ere Perez who has been my best source of natural and vegan/cruelty-free cosmetics. You have kept me looking bronzed, pouty and black-lashed for years. I know you have inspired consumers and other brands, and you can test your new cosmetics on me anytime!


*images by @mellyns_beauty


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