who we are

who we are

Our brand was founded by Ere Perez, you probably know that by now. But did you know that her husband, Juan, is a co-founder? Juan has been a vital member of the team since day 1. Juan was recently interviews by Cosmetics Design and we wanted to share his words with you so you could get to know our CEO. We have always been a business of family and friends, and we love introducing our team to you! For us, our brand is about people and love. Here’s some info from Juan from the original interview…


“Our brand was born in 2002. Like most family business it started humbly from the sunroom of our apartment in Tamarama, Sydney.” 


It all started with Ere’s passion for natural healing practices and wellbeing that she inherited that from her grandparents on both sides. She also studied nutrition. After her arrival to Australia she wanted to create natural formulas for healing and health. It was a difficult task with little to no budget at all. She decided to start from a simple product that everyone could use, a black mascara which was the one product she couldn’t live without! We launched our mascara at a time when the concept of natural cosmetics was very underdeveloped.


Our philosophy is natural ingredients at an affordable price. Over the years we have evolved to incorporate values which include accreditations like cruelty free, carbon neutral, and other actions that focus on sustainability and fair trade.


Our approach is for clean and conscious living. When possible, we endeavour to source packaging materials that contain recycled materials; that can be either reused or recycled and we try to minimise our carbon footprint. For formulations we have a strict list of undesired ingredients that through the years has given a lot of headaches to our formulators. We don’t compromise or cut corners!


We come from Mexico, where Ere and I were born. I migrated to Australia after finishing my business & engineering degree – Ere followed a few years after in 1999. We now spend our time travelling between Australia and Mexico with our 3 children. Today we have been married 20 years, 15 of them in this business and 10 of them as parents. It has been fun and busy but we have enjoyed every minute of it. We are a family-owned Australian business, our Bondi office is close to the beach and I love this! Our offices are located in Sydney, Australia and Monterrey, Mexico. We have around 50 staff globally and they are all part of our extended family.


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