written in the stars

written in the stars

Ezzie Spencer is a lady of magic, a Queen of the cosmos and a kickass author and academic. She dedicates much of her time to tracking the moon and all of the phenomenal effects it has on the body, all of which is captured in her book, Lunar Abundance.


Not just a lady of the stars, Ezzie also travels the world teaching women the magic of the moon and how to believe in themselves, cultivate self-confidence and nourish their mind, body and soul. She also has her own podcast, providing more insight into the wondrous cycles of the moon.


So, if you haven’t delved into the magic that is Miss Ezzie Spencer, we encourage you to do so. Check out her amazing site, Lunar Abundance here.


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Model Ezzie Spencer: @ezziespencer. Photograph and makeup by Emmily Banks, Depths of Beauty: Instagram