Zara D'Cotta: Six reasons to eat with seasons

Zara D'Cotta: Six reasons to eat with seasons

Zara D'Cotta started OhMyGoodness (OMG) following her breast cancer diagnosis just before her 30th birthday. This life-changing experience inspired her to take a leap of faith and leave her career in corporate communications to combine her passion for health and wellbeing with her love of storytelling.


Zara noticed a push towards locally grown food; a desire to build our sense of community; the growing importance of wellbeing and interest in finding new and fun ways to exercise. OhMyGoodness (OMG), her ultimate guide to healthy living, is now followed by 30,000 Australians who love its guides to the hottest healthy eating spots, fitness trends, travel adventures and beautifully styled whole food recipes.


One of Zara's key healthy eating tips is to eat seasonal produce. In a recent blog post, she explained why.


Mother Nature is a very clever lady. She knows what foods are best to nourish and sustain us through each season, making sure they are abundant and ripe for the picking at the time of year we need them most.
It’s no coincidence that root vegetables (like sweet potato, beetroot, carrot, swede) are plentiful in winter. They have a warming and grounding effect on our bodies. They improve circulation, energy and clarity too. We could all do with a bit of that in the cooler months, couldn’t we?
In summer, on the other hand, when we need hydration and energy to keep us going through the warmer weather, fruits and vegetables with high water content are bountiful. Genius, hey?


Read the full post here and discover the 6 key reasons to eat with the seasons:


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