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Correcting Calendula Powder Foundation Light

Weightless natural powder foundation designed to even your skin tone and correct flaws. Formulated with organic mineral ingredients to allow skin to breathe and pores to remain clear. The powder can be layered, to achieve light to medium coverage that neautralises discolouration and uneven skin tone. A natural matte finish that lasts for hours without looking ‘caked on’. A light tone expertly created for fair skins, pale complexions for a sheer porcelain look. Ideal for sensitive skin. Apply with the Ere Perez Kabuki Brush for a polished natural look.


Correcting Calendula Powder Foundation Light powder

Calendula Powder Foundation Light

Product Family…

  • Catriona Rowntree photo

    Catriona Rowntree, TV presenter, Getaway

    Catriona Rowntree

    I love the Ere Perez natural cosmetics. The powder is gorgeous. I’ve been wearing it everyday for Getaway and was wearing it for the Logies.

  • Bella Beauty Magazine July-Sept 2011 cover
    Bella Beauty Magazine July-Sept 2011

    ​Bella Feature Lips, Bella Beauty Magazine, July-Sept 2011

Natural Powder Foundations
Model showing how to apply the powder foundations
Natural Powder Foundations
  1. Tip a small amount of powder foundation into the lid.
  2. Using the Ere Perez KABUKI BRUSH, dab the bristles of the brush into the powder.
  3. Shake off excess powder.
  4. Dab powder on cheeks, forehead and chin.
  5. Blend smoothly with the brush in circles until all powder adheres to skin.
  6. Apply extra layers as required.
  • Calendula Flowers
    Calendula Officinalis Extract

    Calendula extract is derived from the calendula flower and is considered to have anti-inflammatory, soothing and healing properties.

  • Powder corn starch
    Native Corn (zea mays) Starch

    Corn starch (Non-GMO) is extracted from the corn plant. It is a great oil absorbent.

  • Mineral powder
    CI 77019 / Mica

    Mica is a natural component of sand that is rich in silica. The silica-rich composition of mica is thought to support the formative processes in the connective tissue and bring vitality to the skin.

  • Half coconut
    Lauroyl Lysine

    Lauroyl lysine is an amino acid derived from coconut oil. It is considered to have smoothing and replenishing properties.

  • Green malachite stone extract
    Malachite Extract

    Malachite extract is a stone extract with strong antioxidant and detoxifying activity.

  • Cream

    Squalene is a natural moisturiser extracted from botanic sources.

  • Diferent colours crystals

    Tourmaline is classed as a semi-precious stone and the gem comes in a wide variety of colours.

  • Silica

    This white powder occurs naturally throughout various elements of nature such as rocks or sand.

  • Kaolin withe stones

    Kaolin is a naturally occurring white clay mineral. It is oil absorbent making it ideal for shine control.

  • Kaolin white stone
    Magnesium Aluminum Silicate

    Magnesium aluminum silicate is naturally occurring white clay. Unable to be absorbed by the skin due to its large particles.

  • Potassium Sorbate powder
    Potassium Sorbate

    Potassium sorbate is a naturally occurring potassium salt. It is used as a preservative.

  • Alcohol Drop
    Sorbitan Isostearate

    Sorbitol is naturally occurring thick, sweet alcohol similar to glycerin. It may provide shine, maintain moisture and is a natural preservative.

  • Alcohol Drop
    Sorbitan Stearate

    Sorbitol is a thick, sweet alcohol similar to glycerin. It is a natural preservative, it also provides shine, maintains moisture content, and in the Mascaras, improves adhesion.

  • May Contain
    May Contain


  • Bismuth crystals
    CI77163 / Bismuth Oxychloride

    Bismuth is a mineral pigment known as ‘Pearl White’.

  • Yellow oxide colour
    CI 77492 / Iron Oxide Yellow

    Iron oxides are naturally occurring pigments derived from minerals.

  • Red oxide colour
    CI 77491 / Iron Oxide Red

    Derived from iron ore, iron oxides are the most important mineral pigments in natural decorative cosmetics. They occur in various different shades, from yellow to red-brown to black.

  • Black oxide colour
    CI 77499 / Iron Oxide Black

    Derived from iron ore, iron oxides are the most important mineral pigments in natural decorative cosmetics. They occur in various different shades, from yellow to red-brown to black.


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