ultimate brush collection
all our brushes
ultimate brush collection
all our brushes
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Full Description

With our full set of brushes, supreme makeup looks and techniques are at your fingertips! Loved by beauty professionals and natural beauties the over world. When you invest in this beauty bundle, you are saving 15% off the RRP of the individual products!

eco vegan lip & conceal brush
Delicate brush for smaller areas, cover-up and outlining lips.

eco vegan multipurpose brush
Versatile brush for all liquid and cream products.

eco vegan blush & bronze brush
Powder brush to add colour, blush & bronzer to cheeks.

eco vegan line & blend brush
2-in-1 eye brush for classic lines and blending.

eco vegan smudge & shade brush
2-in-1 eye brush for smudging and shading.

eco vegan kabuki brush
Best versatile brush for our powder foundations and other powders.

eco vegan all-beauty brush
Petite brush for delicate areas plus our colour powders, highlighters and cream blushes.


Star Ingredients

corn resin handle
Corn resin is an alternative to petroleum-based plastics and provides many solutions to environmental problems caused by our reliance on plastic. It is made from a renewable resource and is compostable, meaning that it will biodegrade under certain conditions. Corn resin is a great sustainable material.

nylon bristles
Nylon bristles are vegan and also more hygienic than ‘natural’ bristles harvested from animals because they don’t have cracks in the surface. They are more suitable for sensitive skin and won’t cause allergies to skin or eyes. Synthetic brushes are better because they are cruelty free and do not harm animals

All ingredients

Corn resin, Nylon bristles

(kabuki brush) wood handle, nylon bristles

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