squeeze this 15 minute pilates class into your day!

squeeze this 15 minute pilates class into your day!

gentle, equipment-free pilates tutorial...


Exercise is an important part of keeping our lives balanced, optimising our physical health and improving our mental health. However, leading a busy lifestyle can rob us of our time and energy, and can make working out feel like the last thing you want to do.


It’s not necessary to run a marathon or pump out a gruelling training session everyday. Something is always better than nothing: even a walk by the beach or a half hour jog can do wonders for your overall wellbeing. Pilates is also a fantastic exercise to get your blood flowing, strengthen and tone your muscles, and improve flexibility, not to mention the host of other health benefits that you can receive as a bonus.


15 minute pilates Tahlia Grogan

Below is a gentle 15 minute pilates session led by Melbourne-based Certified Pilates Instructor Tahlia Grogan. No matter how jam-packed your day may be, this tutorial can be done any time. No equipment necessary – all you need is comfortable clothing and a yoga mat.


5 minute pilates Tahlia Grogan

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written by Lexi Daniels via James Wellness Centre