time to love

time to love

I wanted to share a message about Mother’s Day with you, and every time I tried, I ended up in tears. It’s very hard to put into words, the experience of having a mother and also being a mother!


I am so grateful that my mother is still with us. Even though she lives across the ocean in Mexico, we have the most beautiful friendship and she is an absolute pleasure in my life. My mother taught me so many things... to be positive, to open every door with a smile, to always look forward and not back. She taught me to be polite to people and to step into another’s shoes before judging anyone. This has helped me with my beautiful family, work team and my treasured friendships. One of her wisest sayings goes like this: if a person or situation is upsetting you, well you can’t be hurt if you imagine being covered in butter and their words or the situation sliding off!   


I learned from my Mum that winning is not everything. Sometimes – giving up an argument is more important than being right. Sometimes happiness is a choice, a small and humble one and we get a thousand opportunities to choose happiness and peacefulness for ourselves and others, or the opposite. Some days we are amazing, other days, it’s harder! Flowing like water and having beauty in our hearts is a balancing act with daily triumphs & challenges.


Now that I’m a mother, I know my own mother influenced how I love. We have three children, (5, 8 & 10y/o) and they all are unique. We love them equally, but each one requires a different understanding and parenting. An essential ingredient for any relationship is respect – we must respect our children, and inspire them to respect us. If we can teach our children about this, they can share this with others as they grow up.

This also extends to respect and love for our planet. Whether you are a mother or not, we all have an important role to play in loving and ‘mothering’ the Earth. Our beautiful planet needs so much nurturing from us right now. Our love & care is vital to restore our environment and our world. From early morning to late night – we must care, we must nurture, we must love our lives and our communities.  

We have recently shared with you our call for #timetogive and #timetocare, now it’s #timetolove. So, let’s extend a big virtual hug to the mothers everywhere who have raised us and cared for us. And to all of the mothers who came before, those who are dearly missed: thank you for making us who we are.

To all mothers and anybody that cares, loves, nurtures and gives…To aunties, sisters, grandmothers, godmothers, carers and friends. Thank you for everything you do. Let’s send a card, find a flower, choose a gift, bake a treat or phone someone who has been like a mother to us.


Ere x