ep team beauty routine @ home

ep team beauty routine @ home

We are an international family of beauty lovers, wellness ambassadors, creatives, big-smilers and innovators. We thought we'd say hello and show you who we are behind the scenes! During months of social-distancing and working from home, we have relied on our Ere Perez beauty goodies more than ever before. Here's some reasons why we love the cult & classic beauty creations and how we incorporate the collection we are so proud of - into our daily lives.


'Aloe gel lash & brow mascara is my number 1 must-have! Even if I am not wearing makeup, all I need to do is slick some of this miracle gel on my wild brows to keep them in place all day.' - pausha


'Moringa all-beauty crème is becoming part of my 5min taking care of myself routine.' - sinuhe  


'Knowing that the products are good for my skin is wonderful, but I also love the fact that all the products are so versatile! My absolute go-to is the carrot pots, a one stop shop for amazing colour on the cheeks, eyes, lips!' - alex


'As a new mummy I need quick and easy products to use while still feeling I care for my skin. Some days there is no time to have a complete skincare routine, much less apply makeup. Love love how easy and practical my Moringa All-Beauty Crème is. I can use it on its own or with my complete skincare routine. Perfect as a primer and moisturizer. My go to lip product is Mango Lip Honey, it just gives my the hydration and hint of colour my lips need.  **They even work as a toy in emergencies! If you use them as one please don’t leave your baby unattended. ? - katiana 


'As a busy mum these are my go-to products for a quick beautiful glow everyday.' - gosia  


'I use papaya sos marmalade all over my face right after a 3min shower. I use clear mascara as treatment for brows & eyelashes. Knowing the benefits of it, it is a simple step to incorporate every morning keep my eye lashes at their natural best. I have SOS at my desk and moisturize my hands constantly while working. When I feel that I need colour or a quick uplift I use rice powder blush & bronzer - roma all over my face. I sell this amazing powder, I know it is the perfect bronzer-no bronzer. The shade suits everyone in a really natural way. And sos is a favourite for our baby's bathtime too.' - hiram


'I love the Ere Perez products because they give me an everyday natural  look and feel so good on my skin.' - ana


'During a long day of working from home and being expose to the screen for long hours, I often walk away from my laptop, take a quick walk and moisturise my face and my beard with the face nectar, I feel straight away fresher and my skin feels so nice and nurtured, I feel ready for another Zoom meeting.' - carlos  


'If i had to grab 3 skincare products my top essentials would be... 
1. herbal face tonic: the best way to wake up skin with a hit of hyaluronic acid. all the highs without the lows. 2. australian blye cypress face nectar:  loooove this oil, gives  me a dewy glow  (embrace the shine!) & full of anti-inflammatories (great for my eczema & acne). 3. cranberry lip & eye butter: for an extra moisture hit to my laughter lines!! - ruth


'I know that I’m doing the best by my skin as every product is packed full of nourishing ingredients!' - bonnie 


'I have used this range for over 10yrs and people always say i look younger than my age! I cannot go a day without my wild pansy lipbar – wish & Australian blue cypress face nectar. I am in the ocean a lot - these are skin-savers. ' - kat