yoga to get moving again

yoga to get moving again

Seasons have changed while we were spending months inside our homes. In Australia, the bushfires that struck last summer when the air and our lungs were hot, dry and smoky, feel a long time ago.  Then our world shifted again during the pandemic, and as we stayed indoors more, the seasons well and truly changed. Now we are emerging and suddenly it’s cold outside!


Have you noticed new aches and pains and strange areas of tensions in your body? My clients have been experiencing a new level of physical discomfort and in some odd places.  So how do we begin moving our tired and stiff bodies again in ways that will support the changes of external environment to internal environment? 


Yoga supports the body during times of change and is a great way to unwind tight tissues and provide increased mobility. Not only do we need to move in the right way, we also need to prepare ourselves mentally again for a new season and post-pandemic world.  

triangle pose / trikonasana


This pose will help to unravel all the creaks and crevices that have "locked you down". Practice this pose three to four times for 30 seconds on each side. Use a block under your bottom hand to support your underside to lengthen. Keep a calm and steady breath. Relax your front knee slightly and ground into your front and back foot.  

side bend / parivrtta janu sirsasana


This pose will deepen the length of side body  by assisting the rib cage to open and expand. This pose is a wonderful hip opener as well. Practice this pose three to four times for 30 seconds on each side. Support the bent knee with a block if the knee is lifted high off the floor and encourage the top arm to help roll open the chest. Keep the neck long.  

wide legged forward bend / upavistha konasana


This pose will create longer legs by loosening up the hamstrings and hip flexors. Practice this pose three to four times for 15 seconds, then 30 seconds, then 15 seconds. Avoid pulling your body with the shoulders. Try to encourage the spine to lift away from the hips whilst you gently fold into the shape. Relax the facial muscles.  

plow pose / halasana 


This pose will assist the spine and neck to loosen and lengthen. Make sure you don't move the head whilst practicing this posture. Keep the head looking straight. Warm up gently before you enter this pose. Practice this pose for 30 seconds to a minute. Keep a slow and long breath. Focus on Lifting the hips to create length in the spine.  


By Jade Aastha of Bodhi Alchemy. Jade is a qualified Yoga Teacher, Trainer and Assessor and Massage Therapist practicing and living in Sydney.