why your skin needs cucumber + cranberry

why your skin needs cucumber + cranberry

The skin around your eyes and lips is most susceptible to the leading signs of stress & ageing such as fine lines. Quite simply, the skin in these areas is so fine, and paired with natural facial expressions such as talking and blinking, it’s easy for this skin to wear down. Enter our Cranberry Lip & Eye Butter; it’s a product we can’t get enough of due to its nourishing qualities. Here are three reasons why we can’t get enough of this product.

It’s packed with good-for-you ingredients
All of our products offer ingredients that can up the quality of your skin. In our Cranberry Lip & Eye Butter, it’s packed with - you guessed it - cranberry fruit extract. This ingredient boasts high levels of vitamin C, which is an antioxidant that can protect your skin in the long run. In addition, cranberry fruit extract can also fight free radical damage. Is there anything this super ingredient can’t do?!

Not only does this product feature cranberry fruit extract, but it also contains shea butter, which is sourced from the kernels of the nuts found on the shea tree. Its super-powers lie in the ability to soften and lubricate skin as it is rich in saturated and unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E.

Other ingredients you should know about include calendula which offers anti-inflammatory properties which can soothe and heal your skin; cucumber extract which is rich in caffeic acid, silica and vitamin C to boost hydration levels; as well as a naturally-sourced form of lactic acid which can gently polish the skin without being too abrasive. This ingredient is also known to slow cell water loss - making it absolutely essential to apply during winter.

It can address the signs of ageing
This balmy product works in a multitude of ways to improve your skin overall. Around your eyes, this product can reduce puffiness underneath your peeps. As for your lips, it can nourish and repair the skin, as well as keep it moisturised.

It can be easily layered in your skincare regimen
One of the best things about the Cranberry Lip & Eye Butter is its ease to slot into your daily beauty routine. It can be used twice a day, and is really lightweight - you’ll honestly forget you’re wearing anything at all, even when you’ve applied it in the morning underneath your foundation.

We're excited to tell you this beauty butter is now 100% plastic free! Housed in a frosted glass jar with aluminium lid, this product loves the earth as much as we do.