hispanic vibrant beauty brand

hispanic vibrant beauty brand

Today (September 15th) marks the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month, and a time to reflect on our unique stories. A moment to embrace our learnings from one another and celebrate where we came from.

Since I started the brand in 2002, I try to reflect on my family and where I came from, and mix that with the incredible nature that Australia has to offer. While the brand “Ere Perez” is Bondi-born, it’s been very much inspired by my childhood growing up in Mexico.

Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics takes influence from Australia’s bountiful nature and eco lifestyle, which I’ve then blended with Mexico’s rich colours, vibrant culture and naturopathic home remedies - taught from my mother and medicine man grandfather. Growing up in a Mexican household, there were always products from our gardens that provided earth-rooted solutions to anything!

As a Latinx-owned brand, it was important for me to show its influence on the creation of our products, formulating botanical-infused skincare and makeup. Take my favourite Beetroot Cheek & Lip Tint for example. Its inspired from my childhood when my mum used to apply beetroot directly on my cheeks!

Our effective formulas are always clean, from the very beginning. Delicious botanicals found in Latin America, like avocado in our mascara, arnica in our complexion pots, papaya, aloe vera and jojoba oil are interlaced in our skincare products. Not only does it make them gentle on sensitive skin, but you're also applying natural vitamins and antioxidants too, which is why we are “beauty with purpose".

I’m proud of my Mexican heritage and the creation of our brand and that everything is made with intention and integrity. I will continue to love the brilliance of botanically-blessed skincare and makeup while creating the most sustainable beauty solutions possible.

Gracias for your love and support.
Ere x