5 fun eco friendly things to do with your kids at home

5 fun eco friendly things to do with your kids at home

Lockdown in Greater Sydney NSW has the whole Bondi office working from home, as well as home schooling again. AGH!

And even if you are just stuck inside due to the wet weather, we find ourselves trying to come up with new ways to keep our kids busy and entertained in the comfort of our homes.

With strict orders to stay indoors, it is easy to rely on excessive screen time, so we’ve put together some of our favourite tried and tested, easy & waste free activities for our young kids.

1. Homemade sensory rattle
Wash & reuse your empty plastic bottles and add dry grains like rice then SHAKE!

2. Edible finger painting
Combining flour with food colouring for safe painting with your little ones.

3. Reduce, reuse & create!
Recycle and repurpose food packaging and let your little create their masterpiece with your household waste!

4. Indoor scavenger hunt
Great for the older kids! Invite your little ones to hunt for a list of items around the house, such a different patterns, colours or objects! Get creative.

5. Homemade playdough
Mix and make together before creating your own creations, using only pantry essentials.