embracing elegance

embracing elegance

Celebrating the strength of femininity, courage and community, the sacred Indian dance of Orissa expresses love and passion, weaving together the divine and the human, the sublime and the ordinary.

Sharing her love of movement, proud Aboriginal Wirdajuri woman, yoga teacher, dancer and brand friend Eve White joined the troupe for their performance of ‘Taruni’, meaning the ever blooming charming, beautiful or youthful girl.

“I continuously embody multiple cultures through dance and love learning about all cultures. Odissi interweaves into your character building.” Eve shares.

“It is intense, nuanced and intricate, unlike any dance form I know. I enjoy the challenge both physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I feel more connected with Odissi to the yogic philosophy than most yoga classes I have participated in.”

With its trademark embellishments of silk saris, silver filigree ornaments and pith flowers, the Orissa gives great importance to costume and makeup and Ere Perez proudly supported the Nayikas Sydney dancers as their beauty brand partner.

Our Jojoba Eye Pencil – Black outlined the eyes, beyond the corner, to resemble that of a fish with a tail. Classic images of feminine beauty, like the red bindi (or Kumkum) on the forehead is surrounded by white painted designs representing the sun and moon, or a flower.

Thank you all the beautiful Nayikas dancers for bringing us the love and magic of dance and culture to our vibrant community.


Thank you, @eve_e_white
Dancers: @nayikas_
Photography: @ayudas.co
Choreography: @matisyami