our sustainable efforts

our sustainable efforts

We want to be transparent.

At Ere Perez, we consciously spend time selecting our botanical ingredients and building our sensitive-safe, clean formulations. To continue to be a “guilt free” choice in beauty, we are vegan, cruelty free and avoid ingredients under threat from over-production.

But our green ambitions have always stemmed further than our formulas….

Last year, we set goals to achieve huge sustainability goals by the start of 2024. By assessing existing products and future creations for their eco credentials, we aimed to be predominantly plastic free and offer more refillable, reusable and recyclable.



The quest to create beautiful, sustainable and ethical beauty products never ends, and we have achieved so much with our new and existing products, but have much more to achieve.

Some of our incredible achievements include 98% mirror and magnet free compacts and increasing our use of PCR plastic across the range. As well as fitting all of our Rice Powder Bronzers in our world first Makeup-Wheel Refill Case, but we know there is a way to go, phasing out virgin plastic across the range.

Having grown over the past 22 years, we’ve been on an eco-lution journey making consciously low waste choices, for new more eco-friendly beauty solutions across our entire range.

As featured in Forbes, the greatest challenge founder Ere Perez has faced is the battle to maintain high standards.

“We refuse to compromise our values. ’Made with integrity’ is the core principle we stand by. Remaining true to our values is non-negotiable. It demands passion, unwavering belief in our project, and instilling the same conviction in our team.”


In 2022 we made a number of changes to our existing range to help transform the brand, to lead the path we walk so proudly, with the family of customers and retailers we adore.

"The Credo team considers Ere Perez the gold standard when clients come in looking for clean, simple, and effective makeup." - Credo 

The Ere Perez team vow to continue to scour the globe for the best natural ingredients we can find to help you make conscious beauty choices. We want what’s good for you, AND what’s good for the planet!