creating a beautiful future

creating a beautiful future

Sustainable beauty is the epitome of true beauty.

Eco beauty goes beyond aesthetics, 
embodying an ethos of responsibility. A celebration of cruelty free beauty practices, ocean-safe skincare ingredients, eco-friendly beauty packaging, ethical sourcing, and a commitment to a more beautiful, balanced Earth.

Zero waste beauty

Meet the future of lip colour. We switched our traditional lipstick packaging to waste free, Coco Crayons. A beauty crayon that is free from plastic, waste, and toxins without compromising performance. 

Pump-less beauty products

We committed to conscious materials & upgraded our multipurpose pots from plastic to infinitely recyclable glass & aluminium. You'll no longer find plastic among our multi-tasking skincare and makeup products, like Papaya SOS Marmalade & Carrot Colour Pots to name just two.

Refill revolution

To protect your compact pressed powders and to protect the planet, we created a revolutionary, plastic free refillable makeup case. The 100% aluminium Makeup-Wheel Refill Case is a world first in refillable beauty, to home your Ere Perez compact natural blush and bronzer powders.

Plastic free

We’ve ditched the pump (and said no to unnecessary spatulas) for our multitasking natural skincare hero - Fig All-beauty Jelly. The lightweight sleek tub is easy to travel and better to recycle - Less is more for beauty on the go.

Pioneers of natural & sustainable beauty

We are a beauty brand in motion, constantly re-evaluating our options, to improve sustainable solutions and minimise our environmental footprint. We are pioneers of clean beauty, since 2002.

We invite you on our journey together.

Thank you

Photography: @‌shelley_horan
Talent: @‌apuol.jacob & @‌gemmaseymour_
Props: @‌jerriejoy
Wardrobe: @‌oriana_deluca
Hair & makeup: @‌jaquedicondio@stephaniedelll
Studio: @‌innkeeperstudios
Production: @‌union_management
Talent management: @‌chic_management