8 ways to get better sleep

8 ways to get better sleep

Yes you can practice these before bed, but don’t underestimate the effect practicing these postures throughout the day will have on your sleep. Let your mind do all the wandering, detoxing and worrying it needs during your restorative practice, so it is out of the way when it comes time to sleep. If laying down to go to bed is the first time you are resting in the whole day, of course all your shit is going to come up. If you are practicing before sleep, steer clear of backbends and instead try legs up the wall or bed, and seated forward bends like tarasana (butterfly) and paschimottansana.


It might be difficult in a share-house situation, but your bedroom should be as empty, clean and soft as possible. Notice the difference when you eliminate clutter and electronics and create your own personal sleep temple. Fresh sheets, a candle, a nice blanket, whatever it is. Feng Shui suggests eliminating anything harsh or sharp from the room. Think soft, rounded, warm and relaxing.


Support your nervous system with daily infusions. A blend of oatstraw, lemon balm and nettle is my favourite for nervous system support and can be ordered via email. I’ll let Susun Weed explain why oat straw is my favourite for reducing anxiety that may stand in the way of deep sleep.


You know this and you’ve already read it six thousand times but seriously, if you can’t sleep, at least an hour before bed shut off the screen and read, talk, stretch or take a bath. What I find most insane? When you cut down on screen time it can be alarming how much more time you have.


There are few things I can’t stand more than air-con but the science says a 17 degree room and a warm blanket are the best circumstances for sleeping. So if air-con doesn’t make you feel like a dried out husk of a person give it a shot. I prefer to keep the window open. Even if its thirty degrees.


Ever slept in a hotel with black out curtains and woken up at like 10am? Yep. You’re exhausted. It makes a huge difference to black out as much light in the room as possible including all electronic devices which, if possible, shouldn’t be in your bedroom at all. Light is something I struggle with as our bedroom is a white loft with like three un-coverable skylights so the moment the sun rises its all over. I’m still on the hunt for the best, comfiest eye mask I don’t consistently take off in my sleep. I’ll keep you posted.


I don’t know a lot about supplements, but what I do know is powdered magnesium is great and I sleep extra deep when I take it, which is most nights. Go to a health food store with a naturopath and chat to them about which one to buy, and if the best one costs a little more, still go for it!


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by emmie rae