makeup in the workplace

makeup in the workplace

On face value, most of us would agree that someone’s performance at work should be determined by their skills, talent, experience and communication abilities. Not by their lipstick!


Unfortunately, many women know the feeling of being judged by how they present themselves – and not their professional performance. Studies have found that makeup can negatively impact the perceptions of women’s leadership abilities in the workplace. Females in an office environment are being judged on the amount of makeup they wear, and not by their accomplishments.


There is an opinion that women who wear makeup are more “put together” and therefore more powerful. But too much makeup, and they are not taken seriously. How do we find the balance, and why is it anyone else’s business?


There may be times when I want to wear bright colours and will play around with lip colour. That lip colour may simply give me more confidence, which is why I may seem more prepared, but I just want to have fun with makeup!


I created this brand with the intention for men and women to not only look, but also feel, the best we can. Whether I'm wearing lots of makeup or no makeup, I'm always the same person inside, and I proudly portray that on the outside.


I believe that the main purpose of makeup is to genuinely enhance one’s natural beauty, and creatively express ourselves and how we feel. Your career should not and does not depend on the colour of your lipstick. You be you.