natural face lift: how to video

natural face lift: how to video

Our quartz sculpt & lift face stone is out in the world! We loved creating this beauty gem so you can up-level your pampering routines and rituals at home. 


This face massage stone is more than a beauty tool – it has therapeutic benefits that encourage radiant, healthy skin.


The face stone works by pressing and stroking against skin in sweeping movements. We made a video to show you how to get to know your face stone!


click here to view on youtube



Cleanse skin. Apply a balm/oil/serum: we love to use our australian blue cypress face nectar or papaya sos marmalade. Grab your quartz sculpt & lift face stone.



1. massage from center outwards

2. up the forehead

3. sweep over cheeks

4. chin & lips

5. nose & brows

6. down the neck


repeat on other side of face for an instant face lift!

Find more info on our face stone here