our outer world

our outer world

"Our outer world is a direct reflection of our inner world.


Simultaneously, our inner world is constantly affected by our outer world."


"Through my life I have had to deal with things like chronic gut pain, anxiety, back problems and quite recently, also skin conditions.


It wasn’t until my late teens when I experienced a period of anxiety, that I really understood the symbiosis between what happens internally and externally, in both our minds and bodies.


I realized that our thoughts and surroundings have a great impact in our emotions and them, in our bodies. Stress, sadness, fear, excitement, happiness, pleasure… They all feel very different and manifest in diverse ways. However, they can all have deep effects in our physical and emotional conditions.


Once I knew that, making sure that the environment and people I surround myself by and the food and water I ingest are healthy, nourishing and clean became a clear priority to me. I committed to honor my emotions and express my needs clearly, so that my inner world and my outer world would reflect each other.


Meditation and the daily practice of several acts of self-love, helped me to understand my thoughts and how they could shape my reality and therefore my experience of life. I was surprised to see how much power certain thoughts had and the way in which they were affecting me in a physical level.


Eating a plant based organic diet, free of refined sugar and preservatives, and drinking good water became naturally one of my daily practices of self-love and care, that helped me improve my health and have a glowing skin, from the inside out. Most people will agree that a healthy diet and a healthy mindset will help us look radiant and be full of energy.


But now, how about the “outside in”? How do all the things that we put in out external body, affect us internally.


The skin is our biggest organ. What we put in it, goes into our bloodstream and therefore into our organs. That is why is so important to make sure that we only use natural, organic, plant-based skin care products. 


I use the rule “If is not good for your tummy, is not good for your skin”. Which basically means that if a product contains any ingredients that I wouldn’t dare to eat, I will not dare to use that product topically, either.


Using brands like Ere Perez that commit to sourcing the best organic, natural ingredients to create all of their skin care and make up products it’s the safest bet when trying to love and nourish every part of our bodies, from the inside out and the outside in :)."


Article by Sigrid Tasies.: blog, Facebook, Instagram.


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