refresh your skin

refresh your skin

As seasons change, our skin goes through a transition. Here in Australia, winter has just started and we are feeling the freeze! And for our friends in the northern hemisphere – days are about to get hot and sweaty. At these times, we can help our skin to cope with the new weather conditions. A sugar scrub is the ideal way to buff off the past – and welcome in the future!  



◦ 2 cups brown sugar 
◦ 1 cup coconut oil (solid) 
◦ Choose your extras (vanilla extract, dried rose petals, lavender, or other essential oils)  



1. Combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl. You can blend with a hand beater or a wooden spoon.  
Alternatively – pop all ingredients into your food processor! 
2. Mix until the mixture looks creamy and resembles cookie dough.
3. Store the scrub in an airtight jar/container. Place one in your shower and make a jar for a friend! 
4. Use mid-shower when skin is warm. Gently rub scrub over elbows, knees, shoulders, thighs and all over your skin. 
5. With care, rub a small amount over your face with fingertips.  
6. Rinse off and feel the glow! 
7. After drying skin, add extra nourishment and moisture to your face with our moringa all-beauty crème.  


Our model, Elena from Colombia, found her skin was fresh and radiant afterwards.