giving meaning to black friday by supporting australian koalas

giving meaning to black friday by supporting australian koalas

Australian summer conjures up images of surfing, beautiful beaches, sun-kissed skin (with SPF!) and fragrant frangipanis. In 2019 however, it made headlines for the devastating bushfires that swept across this beautiful land. The losses were too big to fathom, to people, homes, communities and our unique flora and fauna...


It is hard for the world to forget the heartbreaking images of the red skies, burned forests and all the animals who were lost.

By purchasing an avocado waterproof mascara today, you will help us donate to help the recovery of Australian wildlife.


Ere Perez is a brand that values minimalism, sustainability and conscious shopping. Less is more – in all ways. For us, Black Friday is a way to reflect on how we can all be more conscious of our environment. Last year, with your support for our Black Friday promotion we donated to the Rural Fire Service where we donated 100% of proceeds from our promotions.


A year on and we are focused on the amazing inspiration and positive action that has transpired. We are still committed to turning Black Friday into 'Green Friday'. For us, the day is not about grabbing sales or over-hyping online shopping. It is a day for us to give you a discount so we can all give back and support a worthy cause.


This year, we are thinking of regeneration, new growth and we are supporting the WWF’s KOALAS FOREVER campaign.


Koalas already faced potential extinction before the bushfires because of deforestation, but now the fires have pushed them to the brink. They are an integral part of the Australian bush, but sadly, being iconic is not enough to save the koala from the threat of extinction.
WWF-Australia is determined to turn this tragedy around, and we need your help. With the right investments and decisions, we can double the number of koalas in eastern Australia by 2050! Our plan is not just to bring koalas back across eastern Australia but to give them the chance to thrive, not just survive.
Plus, for every koala we assist, we help hundreds of other species.”


So how can you do something caring and positive this Black Friday?


Purchase an avocado waterproof mascara from (discounted by 20%) and we will donate 100% of proceeds from sales of this mascara to help our beloved koalas.