sweet Earth stories

sweet Earth stories

The Earth is our ultimate mother that sustains and supports us, and we know as a society we have generally been ‘naughty children’ and not looked after our planet as well as we should have.


Through the chaos of the current pandemic and subsequent lockdown, sweet stories are emerging of how the earth is benefiting from the slowing of human activity. Here are some that warmed our hearts:


◦ The majestic Himalayas have become visible for the first time in years.
◦ People have reported seeing swans in the Venice Canal!
◦ Dolphins are popping up in ports in the Mediterranean.
◦ Satellite footage over Europe shows clearer skies due to less cars on the road.
◦ Researchers have found 11 sea turtle nests on Phuket, the highest number of nests seen in Thailand in 20 years. 
◦ Smog has reduced in Mexico City, New York and Sydney and skies are blue again!
◦ Penguins are seen waddling through streets in Simons Town, South Africa.
◦ Apparently, the amount of human productivity on the earth causes it to shudder. Scientists have reported that this shudder has subsided in recent months.
◦ With less international travel and transport, CO2 levels have reportedly lowered.
◦ Wild boar have come down from the hills around Barcelona while deer are exploring the empty metro stations of Nara, Japan.


When the world returns to normal, hopefully it will be a new normal. One where we are more intentional in how we live and how we value each other and the earth.


We have always strived to be as sustainable as possible. Did you know: We are certified Carbon Neutral, cruelty-free and have joined the UN Global Compact & are committed to the Sustainability Principles. We hope this inspires you in your own life!




image: david troeger via unsplash