the beauty of giving

the beauty of giving

As a company that is conscious, Ere Perez are proud to give back.

Over the past few years, we have been fortunate enough to throw our weight behind incredible causes across Mexico, that champion our planet, empower women and support animals. Here are some of our highlights.

Animal Heroes
We were able to raise awareness of animal rights. Since 2015, Animal Hero have achieved significant changes in animal rights in Mexico.

Committed to the conservation of wild species Ere Perez supported Naturalia to conserve the prairie dog, a species that was believed to be extinct and is still in danger of extinction. Each species that becomes extinct creates havoc on our planet and affects our ecosystems.

For two years, Ere Perez proudly donated to MUAC, to help raise awareness of the fight against breast cancer and support women who do not have access to treatment in Mexico.

Vive 100% Mujer
Raise awareness and support women victim to domestic violence around Mexico, thanks to your help.

Menos Plástico es Fantástico
Supporting our oceans in Mexico - We worked with them on their project to clean up waste and plastics in national waters, seeking to promote recycling and protect our oceans. Find out more.

Dedicated to promote recycling and sustainable consumption in north Mexico, profit from our sales went towards the awareness and of consumption in homes and businesses to better look after our planet.

With your help, we were able to donate and providing well-being for children, supporting access to quality educational opportunities within Mexico. 

During the global pandemic, this incredible movement from Monterrey focused on supporting the health, economic and social crisis within their community.

We thank you for your support towards these incredible causes. With love, Ere Perez x