the rise of A-beauty

the rise of A-beauty

Think about your current skincare and make up routine. I bet at least one of those essential items is Australian made – and you probably wouldn’t even know. Move over K-Beauty, it’s A-Beauty’s turn!


When we say “Aussie Beauty” we think of Australian owned and manufactured, clean and natural brands. But also, beauty products that suit our outdoor lifestyle, our extreme climate and minimalistic style. There is an increase for transparency in what we are applying to our skin, much like eating clean.



It’s no surprise that Aussies love to buy Australian made beauty products. According to ‘Australia Made’ Chief Executive Ben Lazzaro, “There is an increasing demand for authentic Aussie products produced in our clean, green environment and manufactured to our high standards.”


Native beauty brands are also making waves overseas – there’s a real global demand for Australian beauty products right now.


Not only are A-Beauty brands sustainable and without toxic ingredients, but they can even outperform the leading global non-natural beauty products. And us small indie brands are rapidly becoming the forefront of it all, creating safe, natural and high performing beauty products, spurring the industry to take Aussie natural brands seriously.


A Beauty - Ere Perez Natural Skincare

Being certified Choose Cruelty Free and carbon neutral certified by The Carbon Reduction Institute, Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics is not only formulating products which are clean and vegan, but also reassuring consumers that they are shopping ethically too.


As Australia takes the crown, as a global leader in skincare, it will come as no surprise that our botanical skincare was inspired by Australia’s unique native ingredients. Therefore, our skincare is Australian made. We are lucky to have been stocked in health food stores across Australia, for 15 years. Our makeup range too reflects the lifestyle we know and love in this beautiful country.


Ere Perez makeup and skincare combines botanicals and natural toxin free ingredients that work to restore and rejuvenate even sensitive skin, without impacting our planet. Being Australian made and distributed contributes to strengthening our local economy.


A-Beauty continues to grow throughout Australia and across the pond.