trouble spots

trouble spots

We all want beautiful skin. Even if you sleep well, drink water, cut caffeine & alcohol, exercise, eat clean & green, cleanse, tone, moisturise – you can still end up with something you don’t like about your skin.


These days, social media can make us feel like our skin is flawed. We have to remind ourselves most of what we see online is edited, photoshopped, airbrushed, filtered and often involves a hundred products to get that one shot. We know this, but still, we all want perfect airbrushed-in-real-life skin!


There’s redness, dry patches, dark circles, pregnancy pigmentation, hormonal breakouts and those weird giant spots that pop up out of nowhere… welcome to reality and real skin. Through all of these little changes, or issues that can feel like big problems as we struggle to resolve them – we have to love our skin.


How we treat our skin says a lot about how we feel about ourselves. When we see that pimple, it makes us angry, upset, hurt and even – can make us suddenly feel ugly. Like the whole world will see this thing on our face and judge us. So we pick at it, squeeze it, make it bleed, apply harsh chemicals hoping for a miracle overnight cure. I have done this many times! And all of it makes it worse… Sometimes, less is more. Nature knows best. Time really does heal.


Our tips for blemishes, are to cleanse the face and as hard as this is – leave the affected area alone. Around the house and as much as possible, let the skin breathe, do not apply a dozen different spot treatments all at once, or layer on thick foundation to hide it. All of this clogs surrounding pores and can increase infection & redness.


Try and forget about your blemish, know you are still worthy and unique and gorgeous. Have a ‘doesn’t bother me!’ attitude, and the world will respond. The number of times I have felt terrible about a spot on my face, told a friend and they hadn’t even noticed. But now that I’ve mentioned it, they can see it. So. STAY CALM. Let fresh air and time do the work.


And when you really need some help, apply our arnica cream concealer to the area. Kindly, gently, with a clean makeup brush. It has arnica, known to be a medicinal herb for centuries, and won’t clog pores. Blend gently into your makeup, and go out into the world like you own it. Like – as if one tiny little spot could diminish your radiance.


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