why you need to swap to a safety razor

why you need to swap to a safety razor

As part of our Christmas Giveaway, we’re happy to introduce you to Ritology and their founders Daegan and Renee.


Daegan and Renee became overwhelmed by the sheer volume of conflicting advice and clever marketing surrounding various personal care and beauty products. They started investigating the quality of their products. Not only the ingredients, but what the packaging was made of, the intentions behind every part of the product, including the manufacturing and shipping processes. They created Ritology in 2018 with the promise to deliver the highest quality personal care products that make your life more simple, enjoyable and friendly to our planet. Without compromise.


 “The act of shaving is one of the least sexy personal care routines... Although, worth the silky-smooth post-shave feeling. The Chemists however carry an insane selection of hair removal products, mostly in baby pinks and made of cheap plastic. They promise roses, butterflies and the skin of a goddess and before you know it you have spent $40 on a few cartridges which adds up fairly quickly given those sneaky buggers grow back quicker and quicker! 


Have you ever wondered why the male selection isn’t quite the same? In fact, you will note the ever-increasing number of barber shops and the beautiful salon style kits the husbands have sitting sink side. Why are we paying exorbitant sums for pink plastic?  Why is there a difference between what the lads are doing and us? 


Simply put, there shouldn’t be. The 'old time' razors, more accurately defined as Safety Razors or Single Blade Razors, which have made a comeback, may be just what you have you needed all along! 


Firstly, the handle and replacement blades are far more environmentally friendly and significantly more budget friendly, even for premium blades.


Although the facial hair and body hair between males and females have some differences, the Safety Razor itself is perfect for us both. Ritology has put its take on the classic male version to better suit the females with longer handles due to the stretching down while shaving legs in the shower, and a close combed as our hair isn’t as think so we do not need as much of the blade exposed.


You don’t need any special kind of shaving cream or soap, however given the closeness of the shave we find a good all natural cream and especially an oil to do wonders allowing the razor to glide effortless up those legs whilst keeping your skin smooth and moisturised.


Every skin is different, the feedback from Safety razors is far less irritation and ingrown as there is simply ONE blade being dragged up the skin rather than 4-5. Further, you are likely changing out your blades more often with a Safety Razors then your pink plastic which ensures the blades are sharp, clean and more effective. To keep those nasties away, we would always recommend a quality shaving soap or oil and post shaving product to keep the area moisturised and soft. 


So yes, the pink plastic may be cheaper in the beginning, but after that you better be prepared to pay as those cartridges are going to cost you. We prefer our way- pay a bit more for a luxury quality razor that you are happy to keep for decades and looks simply stunning sink side.


Let’s change the way we look at shaving and turn it into one of life’s little luxuries!”


Article by Renee & Daegan, Founders at Ritology : Instagram, Web.