supporting our oceans in Mexico

supporting our oceans in Mexico

We'd like to share our recent support of @menos_plastico_es_fantastico, a community organisation helping to clean waste and plastics from the waters of Quintana Roo, Mexico. Our oceans support all life on Earth, and now they need us to protect them.

Menos Plástico es Fantástico in Mahahual is an independent local project that utilises community and educational actions, to reduce people´s plastic consumption in order to protect the environment.

They have developed a beautiful sustainable circular economy project around waste management on the beaches of Mahahual, thereby promoting the local economy of the community.

The Project Works in four phases to be carried out:

First Phase: Cleaning the beaches.
Second Phase: Separation and cleaning of plastic, reduction and shredding of plastic waste.
Third Phase: Foundry and production of articles.
Fourth Phase: Distribution

In addition, they created the “Sandy Turtle” camp for the protection and conservation of sea turtles. They have involved many people from the community to participate in monthly cleanings of beaches where the sea turtles come to spawn every year.

One of the main intentions of Ere Perez is to reduce plastic in our products and operations, a movement that we have called Eco-lution. We donated 10% of our Mexican sales of our plastic free products to @menos_plastico_es_fantastico to support their efforts. 

Thank you, Aylin Cortez