quick clean beauty last minute halloween skull

quick clean beauty last minute halloween skull


After months in lockdown, party invites are coming in thick and fast. And with Halloween around the corner, it’s the perfect excuse to catch up with old faces and have a laugh with our friends. But we’re not prepared!

There’s no time to hire a last minute Halloween costume, and we don’t know if there are natural face paints available at our local shops. So, we’ve come up with a quick and easy Halloween skull to go from desk to party by using your existing makeup bag.

You’ll need:

Lightest shade of foundation/concealer
Black eye pencil
Black eyeshadow
Fluffy eyeshadow brush

Have a quick search on Pinterest or YouTube for simple skull tutorials and take inspiration or check out our video! When dividing your face in half choose the side you feel most comfortable to paint the skull on – this is up to you!

Hot tip: we tend to use a light concealer shade for under our eyes, to help brighten – try blend that over skin to brighten. 

 1. Take a moment to feel and look for your cheekbones and where your jaw opens and closes. Take your lightest shade of foundation that you own, to the skull half of the face and blend all over. 
2. Outline the main portions of your skull with your eye pencil. Sketch out your strokes with a lighter pencil shade first, to help correct any errors, before colouring in with black!
3. Define the nose, eye sockets, jaw, mouth and teeth.
4. Take a duo brush like the Eco Vegan Line & Blend Brush, blend and buff your pencil in the large areas around the eyes, on the cheeks etc.
5. Then with the line brush, define your teeth and tidy up areas with your concealer and set the look in place with translucent powder.
6. Finish your look by applying makeup as you would on the other side of the face and you're done!


Save time, money and the environment on this year’s Halloween outfit too, because you can wear whatever you want with it — the costume is you!

Or, get creative, be sustainable and rip up an old t-shirt, or what about the trousers you stained when you were decorating? Or better yet, throw on your favourite black dress for a glamourous Halloween look.

Here's all the products we used: 
Oat Milk Foundation - Latte
Arnica Concealer - Latte
Corn Translucent Powder
Jojoba Eye Pencil - Earth
Jojoba Eye Pencil - Black

Tools used:
Eco Vegan Multipurpose Brush
Eco Vegan Line & Blend Brush
Eco Vegan Lip & Conceal Brush

Happy Halloween!