all about brows

all about brows

We want to tell you about brow basics. Makeup artists say that your eyebrows frame your face, they’re a big feature and a focal point when people look at you. We love all kinds of brows, thin ones, wild & free ones – brows are as diverse as we are! Whatever your style of brow, there are some universal ways to keep them looking their best every day. Whether you like wearing a lot of makeup or just a little, here are our suggestions to keep them looking happy:



1. Pencil it in – if you have gaps in your brows or areas of sparse hair growth, put a pencil to it! Some of us are born with naturally skinny brows and want to add some more definition. Others may have over-plucked – oops! Use our almond brow pencil to colour in any gaps, or to draw curves or lines into your brow to build up the brows – however you like! It’s a universal shade that suits everyone.
2. Brush ‘em – just like our hair, brows love a good brush. Try the inbuilt brush featured on our brow pencil and groom your brows in an upward direction. Then, use the brush to straighten the hairs into a line.
3. Gloss up – you’ve seen it in fashion mags, now get it at home. The best way to smooth your brows and add some lustre is with our clear mascara. Apply as you would to your lashes, the effect is a slick elegant look.
4. Brow bones – a great way to highlight your brows is to apply highlighter to the arch of the brow bone, just under the eyebrows. Apply our vanilla highlighter and see how it draws the light to your brows.


    Get the look

     oat milk foundation - honey
     arnica all-cover pot - honey
     vanilla highlighter - sun halo
     carrot colour pots - hello
     natural almond mascara – black
     aloe gel lash & brow mascara – clear
     almond brow pencil - perfect


    1. Steps to a radiant complexion: arnica all-cover pot – honey, oat milk foundation – honey. Apply with our range of eco vegan brushes.
    2. Add natural colour to cheeks and lips with carrot colour pots – hello.
    3. Brow time: Apply vanilla highlighter – sun halo on cheekbones and under the eyebrows.
    4. Fill in any gaps with almond brow pencil – perfect.
    5. Groom brows with the inbuilt brush on the brow pencil.
    6. Set your brows with lash & brow mascara – clear


      Be proud of your brows!