celebrating australian ingredients

celebrating australian ingredients

Australia’s floral kingdom has an abundance of unique plants that have healing properties for our health and wellbeing. Eucalyptus and tea tree oils are two that get a lot of press, and for good reason. We’d like to introduce you to some other botanical super heroes that are just as incredible for your skin…  


The quandong is a wild bush peach native to the deserts of central and southern Australia. The fruit has been eaten by indigenous people for thousands of years, the leaves and bark of the tree were used medicinally. This fruit is worthy of a closer look and here’s why:



◦ Quandong fruit contains the second highest level of antioxidants of any fruit measured!
◦ Quandong is a supreme source of vitamin C, good for immunity and great for the skin.
◦ It can help to heal skin from damage, fight free radicals and help to reduce irritation caused by skin conditions.
◦ Rich in vitamin E and magnesium, both of which are essential is supporting healthy skin.


    Where to find it

    We love using Australian native botanicals and your skin will too. Our quandong green booster serum celebrates this gorgeous + nutritious fruit, featuring quandong fruit extract to deliver antioxidants straight for your skin. It’s a daily dose of greens plus all the benefits of quandong.


    The Northern Australian cypress pine produces Australian blue cypress oil.


    A steam distillation process of the wood extracts this hydrating oil with amazing properties:

    ◦ Traditionally used to moisturise dry skin
    ◦ Powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties
    ◦ Calming and soothing


      Where to find it

      In our Australian blue cypress face nectar of course! A lightweight nectar with a silky texture that quickly absorbs into the skin. A few drops deliver essential hydration, antioxidants and nutrients to your complexion. Made with non-greasy oils for all skin types and a radiant glow.


      The next time you’re looking to try a new product, why not see if there are some Australian ingredients on the shelf that you can try. They are incredible, truly unique and well-worth celebrating.


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