closing the loop on beauty waste

closing the loop on beauty waste

The future of the beauty industry will bring big sustainability goals.

From a brand ethically sourcing ingredients, all the way to you, the consumer, disposing sustainably when it reaches the end of its life, ‘closing the loop’ means accounting for the full cycle of a product.

By supporting sustainable beauty brands like Ere Perez (thank you), you are already participating in eco beauty. You're not only reducing waste but also conserving valuable resources and energy, choosing low waste and even plastic free makeup multitaskers, like Coco Crayons and Carrot Colour Pots. As well as zero waste skincare such as Wild Tomato Riche Crème and even refillable Rice Powder Bronzers.

Our mission, as clean beauty pioneers, is to make a positive impact. At Ere Perez we're dedicated to sustainability, but in order to make a positive impact, and to close the loop we need your help to make a real difference.

Participating in closed-loop recycling means contributing to the cycle, where nothing goes to waste, and resources are used efficiently and raw materials are reused indefinitely.

Once you have finished your beauty products, simply drop off your empties at local specialty collection points to ensure the mono materials can be used again and again. It's a sustainable cycle where nothing goes to waste, and resources are used efficiently.

We're proud to say that 49% of our packaging is made from mono materials, making them easier to separate and recycle. This is just the beginning.

We understand that taking action can sometimes feel overwhelming. Discover tips on how to reduce your use of plastic as well understanding climate positive beauty to help close the loop. Every small effort counts.