introducing green tea oil control papers

introducing green tea oil control papers

Absorb oil, eliminate shine & mattify makeup, at any time with Ere Perez’ new Green Tea Oil Control Paper. A must-have portable complexion touch-up, in a convenient waste-free envelope to freshen shine and keep grease away, without disturbing your makeup.

Made from super soft hemp pulp paper, these convenient oil control sheets reduce unwanted shine, at any time, without leaving any residue.

Whether your skin is full-faced or makeup free simply pat away excess shine, particularly around your T-zone, for a fresh faced complexion.

Expertly infused with anti-inflammatory green tea extract, this botanical antioxidant helpreduce redness and prevent breakouts making Green Tea Oil Control Paper suitable for all skin types.

Why you’ll love Green Tea Oil Control Paper:

- Mattify skin & absorb excess oil
- Prolong makeup longevity
- High in antioxidants
- Eco friendly soft hemp paper
- Plastic free slim envelope
- Vegan, cruelty free & sensitive skin safe!