lanzarote: paradise found

lanzarote: paradise found

Known as the volcanic landscapes, turquoise beaches, local markets and architect, discover the untamed beauty of Lanzarote, Spain.  

Content creator and friend of EP Ana Ferrer Codina shares the harmony between land and sea, from her recent road trip around the island. 

Eco hotspot 

Lanzarote showcases a thriving natural heritage, with the majority of the island's ecosystems benefiting from legal protection, establishing it as a prime destination for eco-friendly tourism. Explore distinctive flora and fauna, particularly in the renowned Famara massif located north of the island. 

Farm to fun 

Experience the commitment of Lanzarote locals to sustainability through traditional agricultural methods, water conservation, and salt harvesting. Immerse yourself in their vibrant culture at lively festivals, museums, and historical sites. 


Island of Fire 

Lanzarote proudly displays its volcanic history across its landscape, creating a captivating contrast between its fiery origins and the surrounding waters. This juxtaposition symbolises the enigmatic and energetic essence of the island. 


Art & nature 

Embark on a journey through the artistic legacy of the free-spirited local artist, César Manrique, who captures the essence of Lanzarote, fostering a unique interplay between nature and art. Immerse yourself in his work by visiting the Foundation Museum, Jameos del Agua, the Cactus Garden, and Mirador del Río. 


Catching sunrises 

In the northern part of the island, discover Charco del Palo, the first nudist town in the Canary Islands since the early 70s! Set against the expansive Jable Valley, surrounded by cacti and succulents, this seemingly desert landscape transforms into a distinctive urban environment. Explore heavenly natural pools nestled among volcanic rocks on the picturesque coast of Mala. 


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