a new era of rice powder

a new era of rice powder

Redefining beauty while honouring our planet, welcome to the new era of Rice Powders.

Achieve a rosy glow and a healthy complexion all-in-one, with a Rice Powder Blush & Bronzers. These luminous duos give skin an effortless soft-focus multi-dimensional natural blush & bronze.

Made with talc-free, non-GMO rice starch to hydrate and sooth inflamed skin, these hydrating and anti-ageing powders add colour whilst protecting & nourishing the skin. Plus, acne-safe sunflower oil, and added vitamin E and chamomile offers calming and brightening benefits. It’s natural beauty that looks after the skin!

All Ere Perez Rice Powder Blush & Bronzers now come in 100% refillable aluminium packaging, that's as kind to the Earth as it is to your skin. The revolutionary, refillable, reflective case is free from plastic, hinges, paints, mirrors and glues. Just 100% aluminium! No waste and easy to refill & recycle.

Redefining a classic
Our Australian-born, globally loved Rice Powder Blush – Bondi has been making waves for 10 years, and we’ve amped up the summer vibes with a new and enhanced colour!

Inspired by Pantone’s Colour of the Year “peach fuzz” and the coastal charm of Australia's most iconic beach, this peach blush duo embodies effortless ocean-kissed cheeks. A beautiful blend of matte mandarin & coral pink glimmer for a soft-focus multidimensional natural blush. 

Effortless blush
If you’re looking for a soft-pinched blush look, use sparingly or layer for more impact.

Ere Perez have 4 natural powder duos, that are non-comedogenic and safe for sensitive skin. They are designed to add healthy natural colour to your face, formulated with breathable botanical ingredients that doesn’t clog pores and even help to absorb impurities.

Bondi - matte mandarin & coral pink glimmer
Brooklyn - rosy pink & deep bronze radiance
Romatwo-in-one duo rosy complexion
Tulumuniversal duo golden bronze 

From Bondi to Brooklyn, get maximum radiance with zero waste