rice powders perfect for sensitive skin

rice powders perfect for sensitive skin

If you’ve got sensitive skin that doesn’t like makeup, but needs a little bit of colour, then Ere Perez Rice Powders Blush & Bronzers are the perfect solution for you. They absorb excess oil and are made from extremely finely milled, soft rice powder to allow your skin to breathe while giving a light dusting of colour to your face. No irritation for even the most sensitive skins.

Available in 4 Tones / Vegan / Non GMO / Talc Free / Silicone Free

“What’s important is that you don’t exacerbate your sensitive skin problem by covering your skin with more chemicals and entering into a vicious circle”, says Ere Perez.

“Our formulations are simple and do not have many ingredients, but we make sure our active ingredients nourish each targeted area”.

Ere Perez Pure Rice Blushers and Bronzers
are designed to help those with even the most sensitive skin, by providing both performance and healing, harnessing the soothing properties of rice which is a natural exfoliator and absorbs excess oil.

Multipurpose and versatile super-fine pressed powders that feel light on the skin, giving subtle, buildable colour. Perfect for all-year-round natural or vibrant looks, they are made with safe ingredients that can be applied all over the face.

TIP: Double up as eye shadows!