lymphatic facial massage

lymphatic facial massage

Want radiant skin?


This gentle massage technique – based in light pressures – allows fluids to flow through the lymphatic system for drainage. Facial lymphatic drainage is soothing, relaxing and it will help you calm your skin, getting rid of stress and anxiety.


Draining fluid from the tissues improves the quality of the skin and will also help you to:

Reduce dark circles
Eliminate excess fluid and toxins
Improve circulation
Reduce puffiness
    Follow the step-by-step video on our Youtube channel here.



    These are the products we suggest for lymphatic massage: our Australian Blue Cypress Face Nectar and Papaya SOS Marmalade. Apply some drops of the product over your face before starting the next steps. Perform each exercise 5 times.


    1. Place your fingers on your chin and slide along your jaw until you reach the edge of your ears. At the end of each movement run your hands by the side of your neck and press right between your collarbone and chest to drain.
    2. Slide your fingers upwards from your chin and trace the contour of your mouth until you reach the nostrils. Continue through the cheekbones ending at the edge of the ears then drain downwards.
    3. Gently press the borders of your nose and slide out along your cheekbones, finishing at the edge of the ears then drain downwards.
    4. Slide your finger lightly from the eyebrows to the edge of the forehead then drain downwards.
    5. Slide your fingers from the center of your forehead to your temples then drain downwards.
    6. Trace the eye socket in circular movements. Apply a little bit more pressure on the area of ​​the dark circles
    7. Make circular movements around the contour of your eye, starting from the tear duct and ending just above the ear.
    8. Make short movements from the center of the nose to the middle of the cheekbones then continue to the ear and drain downwards.
    9. Support the base of your thumb under the chin simulating a tweezer with your index finger. Slide towards the end of the jaw, then up and around the edge of the ear and down the side of the neck.
    10. Bend your index finger and rest it on the border of your nose. Slide across the cheekbone, up and around the edge of the ear, then down the side of the neck.
    11. With your palm make downwards movements from the top to bottom of your neck. Then make backwards movements from the middle to outside part of the neck.
    12. With your hands make upward movements towards the edge of your face, starting from the nostrils to the hairline and then drain downwards.

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