thinking of mother earth on mother's day

thinking of mother earth on mother's day

Our Earth needs to be nurtured, needs care, needs love! Needs all of us to be like mums and really deeply re-educate ourselves on how to use that bright strong love that a mother gives to a child… unconditional, strong, respectful.

I feel that it's time to care for our Mother Earth the way she has protected, warmed and cooled our bodies, grown our food and given fresh water to us and all species for millions of years. We need to show our love as mums, as caring women, as families, as people who are inspired to protect this planet - more than ever we need to show her respect and love.

Let’s use this Mother's Day to celebrate our biggest mum...Our Mother Earth!

With Earth Day just passed on April 22, this is the perfect time to really think about the small changes we can make to look after our planet and listen to her wisdom. Because love for the planet is love for our future and that of our children.

Let’s make better choices, choices of love and care!

Ere x