movement and meditation

movement and meditation

Ryan Henson is an internationally certified movement therapist and movement educator, he has worked with people of all ages and demographics to facilitate the journey of 'embodiment'. This process ultimately allows individuals to feel truly comfortable within their own skin and enlivens the human experience. 


“I am beyond fascinated by the human body, I am utterly obsessed.


Even when I sit in meditation, with my body still, with my mind quiet – I can still feel my lungs breathing me, my heart beating me, my blood flowing and providing nourishment for each and every cell in my body. It is in these moments that I intuitively know that movement is life, and that life cannot exist without movement. How cool is that!


My own personal practice consists of finding the places within myself that are lacking this inherent movement and helping to integrate those parts back into the whole of me.  How I do this differs from day to day, most days I have a solid meditation/ yoga practice, some days I just let loose and dance around my house. If it works, it works!


Where to start this journey of Embodiment? Start a yoga practice!


Yoga is an amazing pathway into increasing your bodymind awareness. Every time you stretch, every time your muscles contract, electrical impulses are being sent to your brain, painting yourself a literal ‘body-map’. The physical practice of Yoga mixed with the philosophy upon which it is build, provides the building blocks for a life that is beautiful beyond imagination.


I also spent a lot of time in nature, most of the time I am simply sitting/ walking quietly and listening to the birds (trying to learn their language). I feel this to be one of the most healing things that a human being can do.


EP_Blog_Banners_Movement2 I don’t go to a gym, I choose to strengthen my body through natural methods, and I will often go to the forest and find a heavy log / rock / tree branch and train with that. I find this process of strengthening my body through natural methods to be super fulfilling and deeply intimate.


If I could make one recommendation in this piece of writing, it would be to spend more time in Nature - go to the park, take your shoes off, turn your phone off and let the healing resonance of this higher power wash through the cells of your body.


In Love,




Article by Ryan Henson, wellness motion instructor. Ryan Henson is the creator of Curiosity In Motion, a community organisation dedicated to the investigation of Self through movement. For more info visit:


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