natural beauty, glowing skin from the inside out

natural beauty, glowing skin from the inside out

Elise Cook is a famous Australian blogger, currently living in South Australia after one year travelling around the country. She shares with us the benefits of changing to organic and natural beauty products.


“For the past 18 months, I have been choosing organic / natural beauty products.


A simple realisation – why, if I care about what I put IN my body, am I not considering what I’m putting ON it?


I’ve met people who have done a huge overhaul, throwing everything away and replacing all their products at once, but for me that would have been a little extreme (financially – as it meant changing all my makeup over) so I did it gradually.


I replaced all of my core ‘every day’ products straight away, and then slowly swapped the rest of my products over as I needed to replace them. It took a few months, and took about a year for me to feel really happy with a range of products that work great for me – and I’m still learning and discovering.


I haven’t taken a ‘religious’ approach to this, I just try to make the best choices I can, given wherever I am.


To be clear – this post is not sponsored by any brands, it is just something I have wanted to share for a long time now, as I am a huge advocate for choosing natural and organic products. My personal experience and what I have learnt has been incredible.


My skin has never been better, and I’ve never felt better. Our bodies are so interconnected, what we feed it absolutely impacts how we feel – physically, mentally and emotionally (as our hormones are affected too).


But, there was a wide range of reasons that led me to make the swap, which I have shared more on below.




For a long while, Dom and I have been very conscious of what we are putting into our bodies. It started for us when Dom discovered he was intolerant to wheat, with particularly bad reactions to highly processed wheat. Being an Italian lover of food, quitting wheat was very hard for him to do. First he moved to gluten free alternatives, but introducing high levels of these standard supermarket alternatives brought about a whole new set of issues (with a lot of sugar and artificial ingredients in many of them) so eventually he decided to go cold turkey – no wheat, and no alternatives – just whole foods in their natural form.


We did it together, and good gravy did we feel the change! Our bodies loved it. And that led us down a path of learning so much about what we are putting into our bodies, and about why organic produce really is worth investing into (yep – think of what you spend fuelling your body as an investment – into your long term health), and about how important our gut health, and having a healthy gut microbiome, is for pretty much… everything. The food talk really deserves another blog post altogether – so I’ll get on topic… :)


We found that the first year of being on the road allowed us to take control of what we were eating very effectively, and forge new habits really well. Especially because there was much less socialising and family dinners (family dinners were hard with all the familiar foods on the table!).




As we travelled through WA we had a number of breakdowns, (as many of you may remember), and as a result we spent a fair bit of time staying with the Antonelli family in the Perth Hills. Paul and Robyn are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to living an organic, wholesome, sustainable life. At first, I’ll be honest, I found it a bit odd when they said they didn’t wear deodorant, or use spray and wipe in their kitchen, or even use ‘normal’ toothpaste. But they challenged us;


Why – if we were paying so much attention to what we were putting into our bodies, choosing whole organic ingredients, and feeling so good about it – weren’t we thinking about what we were putting onto our bodies?


It was an ah-hah moment. Why didn’t I think of this before? I just hadn’t. I’d never considered it.


I trusted what I’d read in magazines, seen on TV, and heard and seen from the people around me. I used my Dove deodorant, my Colgate toothpaste, and my fancy skin care products without a second thought.


As I went away and did my own research (I love to learn as much as I can from every perspective) I discovered SO many things that left me feeling, “HOW is it possible that I have never heard this? That at home, at school, and amongst my friends these thing were never discussed? How have I never thought about this before??”


Since then we have certainly met many people who have expanded our knowledge in this area, and spent time in communities where everyone is having conversations like these. In fact, I think people are becoming more mindful and aware in general, and the dialogue around our health is expanding beyond just how we’re eating and exercising to encompass our whole lifestyles and choices.”


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