a message of gratitude, ere

a message of gratitude, ere

freedom & health are the real wealth of humankind. look after them and together we can weave a future made with integrity.

Love, care and respect have been my words to live by and wake up to everyday these past months. That is why I want to share this message this new year. I am proud of the tenacity of every person around me, how we made it through the ups and downs of 2021. The word on our lips is 'freedom' - it's a word many of us never used before, as we took it for granted, but now value more than anything.

Life can be better if we all have integrity and value what really matters - our health, our freedom, our planet. We now value nature's fresh air more than ever and know how amazing it is to just breathe!

In 2021 I was grateful to enjoy a nice homemade meal, a slow skincare routine or a good chat with a neighbour. Life got simpler, and there are always small blessings to be thankful for.

In 2022, making choices not just in how we live, but how we shop, buy, use, wear or eat is equally as important as deeply appreciating the joy of breathing. We are responsible for it all and the small choices we make have significant impacts on the health of our planet.

I applaud and celebrate the wonderful people who also live by the values of natural living and caring for the earth, it isn't always easy but it is always worth it. I am so grateful for the Ere Perez community that has grown over our 19 years here, and it is more kind, vibrant and passionate than ever. Thank you for being part of the journey!

Today is a gift and we must be grateful for that. The real dream is living in harmony on earth with freedom and health. This will be life's purpose as it was yesterday and so it is today!