read the labels

read the labels

I would like to remind you of the importance of always reading the label when buying cosmetics. To make ethical choices, we need to be informed. Learn more about the certifications you see on Ere Perez boxes and how they represent our values to the planet and to you…


Cruelty Free

Our products are not tested on animals. We are certified cruelty free by PETA and Choose Cruelty Free Australia.


Animals suffer hugely in cosmetics testing laboratories. Advances in technology now ensure that this inhumane treatment of animals is no longer necessary to prove safety for human use. We are proud to be part of the cruelty free movement. We don’t believe animals should be harmed for our wellbeing or beauty.


All ingredients we use are approved safe for use in cosmetics. We like to say we test on ourselves, our friends and family ?



We are a predominantly a vegan brand & do not use animal /animal-derived ingredients. The truth is, beauty shouldn’t inflict pain on animals, or people. We say no to almost every animal-derived ingredient in our formulations, except beeswax in our almond mascara.


Non Gmo

Our makeup and skincare are made in Mexico, France, Australia and Italy.  Our ingredients do not come from GMO sources.


Global Compact

We have joined the UN Global Compact & are committed to the Sustainability Principles. This commitment means we try our best to make the most ethical decisions that consider social, human right and environmental implications of our operations. This voluntary standard is leading the way in ethical and sustainable business practice.


Carbon Neutral

We have been certified carbon neutral by The Carbon Reduction Institute since 2016. The greenhouse emissions produced from our operations and services have been calculated. This amount has then been offset with the purchase of carbon credits channelled to a wind energy project in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. Wind power, harnessed through turbines, is an alternative to burning fossil fuels and produces no greenhouse gas emissions.


The Oaxaca wind project is part of a group of three projects that will generate clean electricity from renewable wind sources using 68 turbines in total. The projects are expected to collectively generate over 1,200,000 MWh per annum – avoiding more than 700,000 tCO2 per annum. 


Made in Australia, for skincare

Creative Director & Founder, Ere Perez, started our brand in Mexico 15 years ago with the almond mascara. Ere is passionate about connecting her Mexican heritage with her life in Australia. Now, we make makeup depending on which region specialises in production.  Australia is a leader in skincare and our botanical skincare was partly inspired by unique native ingredients. Our skincare is Australian made!


Recycle / Eco Ink

Over the years our packaging has evolved with new innovations in sustainable and eco options. We now use a vegetable-based Eco Ink. It is more environmentally-friendly as it is biodegradable, does not release excessive emissions when drying and is less toxic.


We also have an FSC MIX label from the Forest Stewardship Council, an organization that promotes the practice of sustainable forestry worldwide. FSC MIX label means the wood within the product is from FSC-certified material, recycled material, or controlled wood. While not fully FSC-certified, controlled wood.


Natural Preservatives

Cosmetics need preservation to prevent spoiling and microbial growth. Commonly, many cosmetics contain toxic preservatives. We don’t. We use natural preservatives in our formulations. These give the makeup a longer shelf life and function as cosmetics.


EP_Blog_Banners_Labels2 We are proud to be a brand that stays true to our values. We are excited about the continued evolution towards greater sustainability in all areas of our production. We care about the planet, kindness, human health and wellbeing, and promoting a natural health lifestyle. We love our brand and promise to bring you the latest in technology, natural wisdom and eco choices so that you can live your best life.


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