4 ways to rescue winter skin

4 ways to rescue winter skin

The windy days and chilly nights are now peppered with the feeling of spring, but our skin is still feeling the effects of winter. Not only does our complexion feel parched from the inside, but it also looks patchy, reddened and scaly from the outside. Here are four easy ways to rescue winter skin now.

Try a face a mist
A face mist such as our Herbal Face Tonic is the easiest way to restore lost moisture in your skin. This is no ordinary mist; discover ingredients such as green tea, grapeseed oil, hyaluronic acid, mandarin cold pressed oil, witch hazel, geranium, aloe vera and rosemary leaf oil in this super-hydrator which can fight the signs of ageing, brighten skin and protect it in the long run. In short, it can revive a tired-looking complexion and deliver much-needed antioxidants to thirsty skin. Keep this one wherever it’s convenient, such as inside your handbag or next to your laptop so you can mist this all over as soon as you feel that your skin is calling out for it.

Use a face oil daily
The common misconception when it comes to using a face oil is that it’ll make you look greasy, and we couldn’t disagree with that statement more. A helping of face oil such as our Australian Blue Cypress Face Nectar is an excellent way to restore moisture in dry and cracked wintery skin no matter what skin type you have. Australian blue cypress is the hero ingredient in this product which can seriously moisturise your skin. It also has a relaxing effect on the nerves without making you feel drowsy, making it a godsend to use during this trying period. Massage this lightweight solution into your skin in small circular motions, giving the temples of your head a little more attention to soothe the senses. Want your liquid foundation to give you a really gorgeous and dewy effect? Add a single drop to a small blob of hydration in your hand and press it into your skin for a lived-in effect.

Don’t forget your eyes and lips
We don’t only talk with our mouths, we talk with our faces in the form of facial expressions. This is where our famous Cranberry Lip & Eye Butter comes into play; it’s a nourishing butter that’s perfect for addressing the signs of ageing in the delicate eye and lip area. We can’t get enough of the blend of shea butter, cranberry fruit, cucumber and lactic acid to gently exfoliate and restore elasticity and moisture around your eyes and lips. Use this one twice a day - so, morning and night - for best results.

Go with facial massaging
Facial massaging is an incredibly underrated way to promote healthy-looking skin. Using our Quartz Sculpt & Lift Face Stone which is made with clear quartz, you can sweep the tool across your forehead, up your cheeks and down your neck to assist in the natural detoxification process. In addition, regular facial massaging can also help your face combat puffiness and improve blood circulation.