self-care with the moon cycles

self-care with the moon cycles

Self-care and nurturing your emotional wellbeing has never been more important than in 2020. Did you know the beautiful and luminous moon in the night sky can be a helpful reminder to take more time for yourself and invite reflection and ritual into your life? Ancient traditions and modern mystics all attribute the moon's cycles with having an effect on humans and the planet.

Having an awareness of the moon’s cycle can provide you with a clean slate to dream and release every month. The moon's phases are believed to impact your emotions and energetic body allowing you to draw on this cyclic energy in your own life in many ways.


A New Moon is when there is a tiny sliver of moon in the sky and it provides great  opportunity to start new projects, write lists and make plans. A Full Moon is bright and bold and energetically at its peak offering up the energy of expansion and creativity. It's a regular reminder to acknowledge what is working in your life and what is not, an opportunity each month to do a reset or release. And if you forget, the good thing is there’s always next month! Taking the pressure off and giving space for healing and progress, the monthly renewal is ever-forgiving.


Just sitting outside under the stars and moon can be a lovely mindfulness exercise, a moment to press pause and breathe.

As we navigate these changing times and the uncertainty that comes with it, one thing is stable and ever assuring, and that is the cycles of Mother Nature. Connecting in with the cycles of the moon and the seasons is a wonderful way to retreat from the stress emanating from mainstream media and find solace in nature’s gifts. Taking care of our wellbeing with mindfulness rituals and rest is paramount to ensuring a strong immune system and a calm mind. Something we could all benefit from at the moment.



by alison gallagher
Founder of ritual skincare & botanical perfume brand, Alyssum Alchemy. Holding qualifications in energetic healing, Reiki and meditation facilitation Alison has explored many modalities to dive deep into self enquiry, expanding consciousness and overcoming self imposed limitations. Alison believes through daily ritual we reconnect to the sacredness that is life on this planet and our own divine radiance and infinite potential.